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Richard Roger’s interview with Dezeen is a hallmark performance of succinctness and modesty. The message is simple – architects have a duty to society that’s age old and universal – a moral rather than moralistic purpose. 3m47s that’s worth watching.

Bigger’s new website

Biggers of Bailgate

A welcome to Biggers of Bailgate’s new website. – The long established company is an emporium of tools for cake makers, chefs, winemakers and all passionate about food and drink.


Post increases

Sorry for this – we’ve had to increase post charges to £3.50 for Standard Delivery and £4.75 for First Class.

In April Royal Mail radically increased the price of all but the smaller parcels. We moved lots of orders to MyHermes but they too, have increased prices by the same %.

All this said, O&l charges are less than many online retailers and cover the cost price of sending only.


Design education in the curriculum


There’s a tussle for the education system that’s only heard through soundbites — a debate around the history of subjects and the fierce conservatism of policy makers. The result, under this government, is that design and technology (the broad areas of human endeavour, not just the school subject) are being sidelined in favour of a rush to a romanticised past. Seems extraordinary, at a time when technological knowledge and application through good design is so critically important we don’t headline the subject in the curriculum.

sense of place

Atlantic Cities

It seems that one neuron or another in our brain is attached to exact physical spaces we encounter every day. It’s a wonderful idea that the brain is packed with markers that fire when we’ve reached this or that spot. Not only do we attach stories to places but can also locate them precisely in space – “Each neuron cares for one place,” says one scientist. More in Emily Badger’s excellent article in

Open Shop

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Our shop has been open for two weeks. We’ve had tons of good will from customers and passers-by – one lady stopped at the entrance and simply said, “nice shop…”, before walking on. We’lll be moving our online business there soon, to make what should be a very viable concern. More about the locality in a future blog.